Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tackle-It Tuesday: Mom's Morning Routine

One of my favorite movies of childhood - of my whole life, really - is Mary Poppins. She was the original SuperNanny. With a fabulous imagination, excellent people skills, and a hint of magic, Mary Poppins was welcome wherever she went. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when they all tidy up the nursery; before they get started, Mary Poppins quotes an old Greek proverb:

"Well begun is half done."

Like most of the adages we use in conversation, it is short, simple, and easy to remember. What isn't quite so easy is the application: getting a good start on a task means you are well on your way to success.

I have been thinking about that concept regarding my time management, specifically how I begin my days. I am not a terribly self-disciplined person; if you know me in real life that is not new information. Given free rein, with no obligations in the form of appointments or hungry little people, I would happily wake around 7 a.m., stay in bed and read until 8 a.m., get up and enjoy a cup of coffee while goofing around on the internet, eat breakfast around 10:30 a.m., and decide what to do with my day around lunchtime. Sounds nice, right?

Real life doesn't work like that. Especially not if you are a semi-responsible adult. If you are a homeschooling mother of three with additional outside obligations? That is just plain dumb. You can't start your day - waste half of your day - in that manner and expect to keep up any semblance of order.

My "Mom's Morning Routine" was designed in an effort to begin my day in a peaceful and productive manner. It helped me to prioritize what I needed to do in order to avoid the lackadaisical time-wasting rut that I fall into so easily. Following my list, even loosely, keeps me on track and helps me be more focused in the morning, thus making the whole day better! 

A simplified version of my morning routine is below. Any listed routine like this is very personal; your situation is not identical to mine, and so your list won't be the same as mine. I would love to hear how your list would differ from mine. We'll help each other streamline our mornings!

Mom's Morning Routine:
1. Wake at a regular time. (6:30 a.m. is my goal.)
2. Spend time in prayer and Bible study.
3. Make coffee & enjoy while catching up online, reviewing plan for the day.
4. Eat breakfast with the kids, take vitamins.
5. Unload dishwasher, reload with breakfast dishes.
6. Start laundry.
7. Get kids started on school work.
8. Shower & get dressed for the day.

This list is for days when we are at home, which is generally for four days per week. Following through these tasks gives me a huge head start on the day and allows me to focus on whatever special tasks need my attention while not falling behind in the daily necessities.

What kind of morning routine do you have? 


  1. Starting school for the y ear always means a new, revamped schedule and routine. Currently, we are getting used to one light on morning chores, and heavier on a good breakfast and quiet time for mom.

    1. We're 2 1/2 weeks into school and I still have to say every morning, "No TV before school!" It's a hard adjustment after a lazy summer. :-)