Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to Own Your Life!

For the past several months, I have been slowly working my way through Sally Clarkson's Own Your Life. To be honest, when I ordered the book I thought I'd have it done within the week; the writing is very engaging and the subject matter is interesting. It's not strictly a Bible study, nor is it truly a self-improvement book. It's filled with encouragement, scripture, anecdotes, and challenging questions. I read through the book (with my pink highlighter at the ready!) and then write the questions and my answers in my journal.

I have been working through the study with my long-distance BFF, and we have both gotten so much out of reading and then journaling the questions. However, the questions are not easy. They make me think, and make me reason, and make me reconsider my priorities, my relationships, my routines...many, many aspects of my life. Sally addresses everything from managing mundane chores to motherhood to finding the big purpose(s) God has for your life.

I sit down in the morning with my coffee, my Bible, my Own Your Life, my journal, my pink highlighter, and my pen. (Ideally, this happens without children present. In reality, my toddler is probably watching a show and chowing down on dry Cheerios. This is how my life works.) I read the chapter fairly quickly, pausing often to reread and highlight passages that really speak to me. For an example, I randomly opened my book & found the first highlighted section, from page 34:

     "When I affirm that I am a creation of God's hands, given significance by His own design, I move toward loving who He has created me to be."

How many of us could use that kind of encouragement everyday? I know I do! This book has really ministered to me, and working through the journaling questions has helped me in countless ways. The tagline for the book is, "Living with deep intention, bold faith, and generous love." I definitely want to embody that and model it for my children.

Does this sound like a book that would benefit you or someone you love?
What are you reading and learning from right now?
Do you journal?

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