Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello, Sweetie!

***Hi, you! Yes, you! I'm still working on getting things set up here at my new/old blog, so bear with me. Look for more content and more design soon. Thanks for reading!***

Once upon a time, when I was a stay-at-home mom of one baby, I started a blog.

I really didn't know what I was doing; I was bored and lonely, and I started reading blogs. It was a whim, really, starting up this little blog of mine. I enjoyed writing immensely, but as one baby turned into a toddler, which evolved into a toddler plus a newborn, which then became homeschooling a first grader while wrangling a toddler while pregnant and oh-so-sick with a new baby...well, you get it. I was no longer bored and lonely; in fact, it is a rare event nowadays when I get to finish a complete thought during the kids' waking hours. (The fact that I am typing semi-coherently now indicates that they are all in bed. Amen.)

My life these days is many things: loud, boisterous, busy, chaotic, and full to the overflowing with blessings. Those blessings, that fullness, can leave this introverted, sensitive Mama with a swirling brain and a palpitating heart. I'm bringing my blog back so that I can have a place to be me. Not Mom, not Mommy, not Mama-Mama-Mama-Mama-Mama-Mama, as I am so often called these days, but ME. The me who used to read good books - without pictures or rhymes! - and experiment with makeup and new recipes. The me who used to love a good argument, but who would now give her left big toe for one - just one - argument-free day. The me who is still in there, somewhere, who would like to speak up now and then.

Do you write? What do you write? A blog, a journal, poetry, novels? What does writing do for you?