Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Allen Family Homeschool 2015-2016

4th grade.
1st grade.

That's what our homeschool looks like this year! It's hard for me to believe that we're starting our fifth year homeschooling, but that seems to be the case. We learned a lot by trial and error those first few years, and I think we are in a pretty good place right now with our curriculum choices and lesson plans and activities.

I prefer to start school when the summer weather is at its worst; the kids can't play outside much anyway, and being inside with no structure or routine is just a recipe for bad tempers, at least for my kids. We are in the middle of our third week of school! We started off with a rather light schedule, since our Classical Conversations community doesn't begin meeting until the end of August. (More on Classical Conversations, and our love for the program, in a future post!)

Wendy, at almost 9 years old, is becoming more independent in her school work. This year I have started having her copy her assignments from my lesson plan into a dedicated "planner" section of a 3-subject spiral notebook. She can then work on her list in whatever order she chooses, and having control of that aspect of her schooling makes things much easier for her. She works through her books and lessons with frequent input from me, and I check all of her work at the end of the day.

Fourth Grade:
  1. Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive Success*
  2. Wordly Wise 3000, book 3 and book 4
  3. Saxon Math 5/4
  4. Abeka Language 3 (finishing up from last year)
  5. Abeka Trails to Explore reading comprehension
  6. Free spelling words list
In addition to those subjects, she is also studying to participate in our local Bible Bowl in September. She reads a lot, does art projects, participates in Girl Scouts, and spends a lot of time playing outside. Once our Classical Conversations community starts meeting again, she will participate in the Foundations and Essentials programs. I'll dedicate a post to CC later, but for now just know that she will gain a lot of knowledge in history, science, Latin, grammar, writing, art, music...we love it.

David, at 6 years old, is tackling 1st grade with gusto! He will participate in the Classical Conversations community as well, enjoying the Foundations program. He is very motivated to learn right now, so we are trying to capitalize on that to help him get a great start.

First Grade:
  1. Horizons Math 1
  2. Handwriting Without Tears: Letters & Numbers For Me
  3. All About Spelling, Level 1
  4. Abeka Language 1
  5. Lots of reading, both independent and with Mama
  6. XtraMath - math facts practice
David will also be participating in Boy Scouts for the first time this fall, and he is very excited! He enjoys reading, playing outside, and making fantastic creations with his Legos.

That's what our homeschool looks like this year. So far it is going well, and we are already learning a lot. We get our schoolwork finished before lunch on most days, so we can rest or play or run errands in the afternoon. 

What are you teaching and learning this school year?

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